Ravana, the king of Alengka, wanted to kidnap the beautiful Sita, the wife of king Rama. So he asked the giant Marica to turn himself into a golden deer in order to attract the attention of the girl. When she saw the deer, Sita asked her husband to capture it, and so Rama went on the hunt leaving her alone. When Rama wounded the deer it returned to the shape of the giant Marica, and Rama understood the deception. But it was too late: Sita had already been kidnapped by Ravana. Sita's unhappy husband sent the messenger Anoman, the white monkey, to Alengka's palace to free his beloved wife. Having arrived at the palace where Sita was being held prisoner, Anoman decided to allow himself to be captured by the guards in order to be brought before Ravana. Of course he reported Rama's warning message and asked for the return of Sita; but the irritated and pig-headed Ravana ordered him to be put to death. Luckily Ravana's brother told him that it was sacrilegious to kill a messenger, and so the sentence was reduced to his tail being burnt. Anoman, who was magical and powerful, bewildered everyone by changing the length of his tail: he used it to whip them and then made his escape, but not before setting fire to the palace, having freed Sita first.