The god Susanoo was strong and courageous, but also insolent and warlike. He came to earth and destroyed all the paddy fields constructed by his sister Amaterasu in order to feed the people. In punishment he was banished from heaven and sent into exile in the Izumo region where an enormous dragon with eight heads and eight tails terrorised the population by eating, every year, one of the daughters of the god Ashinazuci. In order to save Kushinada, the girl to be sacrificed that year, Susanoo put eight barrels of sake in front of the dragon's grotto. The dragon drank it all and became so drunk it fell fast asleep. Then Susanoo cut it into so many pieces that the great river became red with its blood! But when he cut one of the dragon's middle tails, his sword broke. How strange... inside the tail he found a powerful sword. He took it to Amaterasu and the goddess said to him, "This is the great sword for cutting herbs". Susanoo lived happily ever after with Kushinada.