Once upon a time there was a young peasant who was poor but kind. One day, while he was working in the fields, he heard the beating of wings and the groans of a crane that had been wounded by an arrow. The boy took out the arrow and the wounded animal flew off.

The day after a beautiful young girl knocked on the peasant's door and asked for somewhere to sleep for the night. The young man allowed her to stay in the house for various nights until, one day, they decided to marry, even though they were very young. One day his wife said, "My dear husband, go into the woods, cut down some wood and make me a loom. I will weave a fabric and you will take it to the emperor". The husband did so and, with the splendid fabric shining with gold and silver his wife had made, he went to the emperor who gave him the fabulous amount of one thousand ryō! He was rich! Once back home he asked his wife to weave another fabric, and she said, "Very well, but never look at me while I am weaving!". The husband began to go away but, becoming curious, he turned back, and what did he see? A crane who plucked two feathers and with them wove some splendid brocade. He then thought of the injured crane... But his wife surprised him and, crying bitter tears, said, "I told you not to spy on me. Now I have to leave you. It is finished between us". She took wing and flew away together with the precious fabric.