A sly and greedy monkey convinced a simple crab to exchange his tasty rise cake for a persimmon seed. After some time the seed sprouted, the tree grew, and it provided a lot of fruit. The crab, proud of his tree, looked at the fruit but couldn't pick any because he didn't know how to climb a tree. So he asked the monkey who, happy to have a feast of mature and sweet fruit, said he would be glad to help. He climbed the tree and ate as many persimmons as possible and didn't pick a single one for the poor crab. The crab decided it was time to give the monkey a lesson. A chestnut, a bee, some manure, a mortar, and a rotten cable decided to help; they made a plan and went to the monkey's house. The chestnut, having been put on the fire, exploded in the monkey's face; the bee stung him everywhere and, in his attempt to escape, the monkey fell out of his house, slipped on the manure, and the mortar, suspended by the rotten rope, fell on the monkey's head and gave him a good thump!